Citizen Company

Management believes that serious and honest actions can be both supportive and thus change the quality of life for many people, an entire community.

All White Solder’s work is grounded in actions that enhance responsibility and mobilize time and personal knowledge for the benefit of others whether they are family employees or just residents of regions where there are controlled units.

Gas Filtration

White Solder is aware that a constantly growing company must meet certain commitments that are fundamental to the development of its business. One of these principles is respect for the environment where you have your facilities.

With this vision we implemented in all our units a gas filtering system. This system ensures that solid particles resulting from the melting process are not released into the air thus preserving their quality.

Metallurgical filters emit in their chimney a purer air than the city breath proven by agencies and specialized companies.

Proud for the organization the smoke that comes out of our chimneys is just water vapor.

Residues Recycling

In markets where White Solder acts as a supplier its customers’ processes involve high technology and a high consumption of inputs and raw materials for the production of various types of products.

In the production of these products companies generate residues resulting from their welding processes that are environmentally aggressive.

White Solder is one of the only companies that use all their knowledge and technology to recycle any and all materials resulting from soldering processes by processing the waste in our furnaces and turning it back into raw material for customer savings and benefits. for the environment.

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