Radiological protection

White Solder has developed a specific product line for radiological protection applications which are lead sheets and barred mortar.

Lead Sheets

Lead sheets are used to shield masonry walls. We offer the coil-shaped sheet with various widths, thicknesses and lengths.

Technical data: Grade A electrolytic lead (99.9% purity) per ASTMB-29 DIN1719. Density: 11,34g / cm³ with lamination tolerance from 5% to 10%.

Barred Mortar

White Solder’s Barred Radiological Protection Mortar, also known as x-ray paste, is manufactured in horizontal mixers that ensure a 100% uniform, denser and homogeneous mix.

Our mortar was submitted to radiological tests by companies registered with the regulatory agencies and obtained superior results to similar products, having about 25% more attenuation due to its physical chemical characteristics.

It is automatically packaged in 20 kg reinforced and valved plastic bags, thus meeting all domestic and foreign market requirements for transport and disposal after use.

Barred X-ray Shield Mortar is widely used in hospitals, radiotherapy clinics, radiology, nuclear medicine, orthopedics, mammography, dental documentation, periodontics, veterinary, industries, laboratories and research centers.

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