International Tin Association (ITA) aim to respond to the expectations of businesses and supply chains to contribute to positive social, economic and environmental outcomes in the sphere in which they operate. Building on the extensive experience and invaluable lessons learned in mineral’s due diligence projects, and referencing a large number of other standards, developed the Tin Code which demonstrates the commitment to achieving that goal.

The Tin Code is specifically designed for tin mining, smelting and recycling operations globally and has 10 Principles which are supported by more than 70 Standards. These standards are specific to various areas of the supply chain, with some being relevant to mine operators and others to smelters or secondary recycling companies and vice-versa. Each standard can be considered against a range of indicators designed to guide self-reporting by companies.

The London Metal Exchange (LME) accepts as one of the recognized alignment-
assessed standards for responsible sourcing, mandatory for the LME Brands, the Tin Code (Standard 7.3 – Responsible Sourcing).

As an ITA Member and an LME Brand, White Solder Metalurgia e Mineração LTDA was one of the first companies in the tin industry to be audited against the Tin Code (Standard 7.3 – Responsible Sourcing) and we are now proud to announce that we are certified in this standard.

https://www.lme.com/en/about/Responsibility/Responsible-sourcing/Approved- partners

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